Denver Opportunity Youth Initiative

Creating a path for young adults to good jobs.

Mapping a path to success

Our youth are tomorrow’s talent:

Today there are close to 9,000 youth in the Denver metro area who are talented and motivated, but lack the opportunity and support to reconnect to school and work. Generally 16 to 24 years old, they’re called opportunity youth. We call them tomorrow’s business leaders and innovators.

We get more done together:

We’ve all faced challenges in our career – and always had someone to lend a hand. At the Denver Opportunity Youth Initiative we help young adults overcome those challenges. And we connect employers with these talented youth.

By 2020, 74 percent of our jobs in Colorado will require some post-secondary credentials

Roughly 54 percent of Coloradans have post-secondary credentials

Engaged youth are successful youth

And Denver Opportunity Youth Initiative is here to help.

Need to finish high school?

Want a career related certificate or apprenticeship?

Interested in an internship or work opportunity?


Spoken Word Artist. Finishing GED at Emily Griffith GED+ Program. Chamber internship in events led to being Chamber employee.

If you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried anything new.


Won logo competition for Denver Opportunity Youth Initiative. Went from high school CNA program to internship in graphic design and better understanding of opportunities in creative work.

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

Do not be afraid to fail; be afraid to remain the same.


Interested in coding. Internship at Influence Technologies. Wants to be a “benevolent hacker.”

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.


Proud dad. Audio engineer. Interested in the business side of music. Interned at WorkLife Partnership and now employed as a financial clerk.

Matching the right talent to the right job.

Opportunity Youth are eager to further their education, enter the workforce and become productive members of the community.


of employers cite lack of skills as the main reason for job vacancies.

million young adults nationally are out of school and seeking work.


of Colorado jobs will require some post-secondary credentials.

We all can help Opportunity Youth overcome the barriers that block their paths to success.

Learn about our current partners and funders or how you can contribute to the long-term implementation of the Denver Opportunity Youth Initiative.


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