Youth Resources

Are you a young person looking for resources to education, work, or just life? Check out our Youth Resources, and connect to things like:

  • Help Finishing High School
  • Help Getting Your GED
  • Help with Housing and Childcare
  • Training and Skills Development
  • Internships, Apprenticeships, and Work Opportunities
  • And More!

Career Navigator Resources

Are you a school counselor, workforce advisor, education advisor, mentor, or just someone that might have career conversation with youth? Check out our Career Navigator Toolkit for more resources, including:

  • Approaches to Career Navigation
  • Engagement Strategies for Opportunity Youth
  • Developing a Career Plan
  • Education
  • Retention and Upskilling
  • And More!

Employer Resources

Are you a business committed to developing our workforce and matching the right talent to the right job? Check out our Business Resource Toolkit for more information on topics like: